HME Filter

HME Filter


HME Filter is a filter use during the application of respiratory care with ventilator system. The HME function to trap the bacteria and the moisture from the patient which can directly entering the ventilator system and potentially damaging the ventilator.



  • Resistance to flow (cm H2O)
    • at @0.5L/s: < 0.7cmH2O/L/s
  • Dead space (connectors included – ISO 9360) 68ml
  • Male connecor: 15 mm I.D/22 mm O.D
  • Female connector: 22 mm I.D
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency 99.99674%
  • Viral filtration efficiencyl 99.99362%
  • Filtration media Electrostatic.
  • Tidal Volume: 150-1500ml
  • Sterile E.O Gas
  • Patient: Adult


  • Single use light weight device, minimizes dead space maintaining efficiency.
  • Electrostatic Hydrophobic media protects against cross-contamination.
  • May be placed at patient or equipment side.
  • End tidal CO2 sampling port offers convenient access to monitor airway gases.
  • Lightweight, compact design reduces circuit weight.
  • Low resistance to flow minimizes work of breathing.
  • ISO standard 15mm and 22mm fitting connects to breathing circuit.
  • Bacterial and Virus Filtration efficiency of filter media are tested and Performed at Nelson Laboratories, Inc. according to Procedure No. 48061 for BFE and Procedure No. 920694-1, Laboratory No. 48060 for VFE
  • Machine end


  • FDA
  • EN46002
  • ISO 9001


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